I shoot lifestyle photography.

This means I don't just catch the moments where everyone's looking at the camera and smiling... I capture all the rest too. The in-between moments. The pictures that really speak to who you and yours really are.

I know that getting your pictures taken can be nerve-wracking... You're not sure how to sit, where to look, if your underwear is showing... Just take a breath and relax. I want you to focus on enjoying yourself and leave the rest to me. (and I promise I'll make sure the undies are under wraps!) I'll show you how to stand to look your best but focus most on getting you to relax. When you are having a good time, you will be yourself, and the best pictures of you will be captured. 

WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT FROM A SESSION? Expect to have FUN! When you get to the session, take a breath and relax. Focus on enjoying yourself/your family, and let ME WORRY ABOUT THE REST. Laugh together. Give some hugs, share some kisses.  I'll hang out with you guys, we'll talk, walk around, we'll get the kids to play. And you'll have a good time. Every once in awhile I'll step in and pose you a bit, and I'll make sure your underwear isn't showing. But really, the best shots come from laughing and just being together. If there are games you love to play together, or things you like to do, TELL ME. Let's do them! Also, if there are any must-take pictures, please let me know!

WHAT IS YOUR STYLE FOR A NEWBORN/BABY SESSION?  I'm a purist when it comes to newborns. I think they are born pretty perfect and I like to capture them in their element without a lot of extra props. I like to come to your home and just have you talk to and enjoy your baby. Wrap them in your favorite blanket and rock them in your chair. I'll look for the moments and details in your baby's life that you'll want to remember later. I call these sessions 'baby sessions' because I don't just shoot newborns. If you want your little one to be all curly, sleepy and tiny, try to get a session booked within the first 2 weeks of life. If you prefer to see smiles and capture an alert baby, we can do the session anytime after that first period. To get a clear idea on what types of pictures I take for newborn sessions, please see my gallery HERE.

HOW LONG IS A SHOOT? Sessions average 1 - 2 hours. I like to be relaxed about it and go at your pace. Portrait and Family sessions tend to be about 1 hour, while Newborn and Baby sessions are usually closer to 1.5-2 hours.

WHAT IS REQUIRED TO BOOK? All that's required is a retainer fee (50% retainer fee of the session total, which is non-refundable, but transferrable), and a copy of the signed contract I provide when you contact me to book.

HOW FAR IN ADVANCE SHOULD I BOOK A SHOOT? I typically book out about 2 months in advance, but occasionally have openings much sooner. Generally speaking my family sessions are booked around sunrise/sunset, on the weekends. Baby sessions are booked during weekday mornings.

WHAT DO I WEAR?  First, remember to be comfortable and be yourself. Pick something that makes you feel good. It will show. As a family, don't match, but coordinate. Start with a piece you love (a scarf, a shoe, a men's shirt) and pull in coordinating colors for the whole family. Layers are good. Patterns are great. If you are uncertain about an outfit, have someone take a quick phone picture of you for you to look at. I always do this before a shoot (once I have it narrowed down to 3-5 outfits). Things look differently in a picture than they do to us in a mirror. Finally, make sure you are wearing something you are comfortable both standing AND sitting in. We'll be moving around!

Here's an article by Lang Photographers that I think does a great job explaining what to expect from a family photo shoot, and has tons of tips on what to wear: http://www.langphotographers.info/2013/10/how-to-family-pictures.html

Also, my pinterest board with inspiration pics you might find helpful: http://www.pinterest.com/beri_irving/what-to-wear-in-photos/

WHAT DO I BRING?  Snacks for the kiddos (for after the shoot!), bottles of water, bug spray, and extra shirts for all the kids (in case of emergency). Try to just bring the bare minimum as we'll move around a lot in the shoot and you don't want to be lugging a ton of extras around. If you can, skip the stroller and opt for a carrier or arms instead. Also, please remember, you will need to bring payment for the remaining session balance to the shoot. I can take check, cash, or cc. If you prefer to pay in advance of the session you can paypal me at hello@beri-irving.com.

LISTEN, I DON'T LIKE MY UNDEREYE CIRCLES/MUFFIN TOP! WHAT DO I DO?  TELL ME. We all have something that could use a minor tweak (for me it's undereye circles EVERY TIME!!!), so if there is something you want me to keep an eye out for, let me know. And don't forget, I'm a Mom, I have kids, and I know all about insecurities. I'll keep an eye on posing you to maximize your assets and help you feel your best!

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET THE PHOTOS? With your permission, I can post a facebook teaser image within one week of the shoot. I average a 2 week turnaround for all session images, but it can take up to 6 weeks during busy season (Spring and Christmas). 

DO YOU SHOOT WEDDINGS? No, I'm sorry. But I know several amazing photographers that will make your special day shine. Please ask me for a referral!