my son took a picture

'Mommy! Want take a picture you!'

After countless 'no picture me now!' moments, when my son said this yesterday, I was shocked. SHOCKED.

And then about 2 seconds later I grabbed my camera, set up a tripod, showed him the button, and we started to play.

And he took this shot.


He'll be taking appointments as soon as he's potty trained. ;)

On a side note, Moms, get in the pictures sometimes. I know, BELIEVE ME, I know, that we don't feel like we look that great sometimes, and we're 'still trying to lose the weight,' and there are a million things we want to change before we are in a picture, but now is the time. They are getting older by the minute, so pull out the camera and play.  Even if you never show anyone the pictures, you'll have another little time capsule of this stage in life. Even when it's not perfect, and all we see are the flaws (and the TIRED!) we'll soon look back on the NOW and miss it.


Camera remote in hand and Mommy's old sunglasses donned (side note: why do all the cool ones break and the ones you kind of regret purchasing last FOREVER.... blergh.)